Order a Keg

Questions? Please call our Keg Hotline (541) 341-1330

Brewers are normally onsite Monday – Friday.

Note: Kegs are only available at our Eugene Location. Root beer is not available in a keg.


Summer and Custom Keg Information:

Half Keg (Quarter-barrel) cost $80 – $92 (premium) and contain the equivalent of 62 pints or 82 regular bottles of beer.

Full Keg (Half-barrel) cost $145 – $168 (premium) and contain the equivalent of 125 pints or 165 regular bottles of beer.

Keg deposit is $60 per keg. (Fully refundable upon return)

Tap deposit is $50 per tap. (Fully refundable upon return)

If you would like to rent a tap only, there is a $5 fee in addition to the refundable $50 deposit.

Total deposit is $110

Total cost:

Full keg = Deposit + Beer = $255 – $278 (premium)

Half keg = Deposit + Beer = $190 – $202 (premium)


For Homebrewer and Kegerator Customers:

If you own a home kegerator system with CO2 and your own cornellius keg, we can fill your clean sanitized cornellius for $50 – $55 (premium)

Drop off before noon, ready at 5:00 pm, Monday-Friday.


Retail Accounts:

We often have more beers available for distribution than what is on tap at Steelhead. Please call our keg hotline (541) 341-1330 to see if your favorite beer is available in kegs. Thanks!