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Steelhead Brewing Restaurants

Steelhead Brewing Co. opened our first Steelhead Brewery restaurant and microbrewery in downtown Eugene, Oregon in 1991. It was such a success that we opened another in Burlingame, California in 1995. We were the first major breweries in these cities, and we maintain this pioneering mindset in both our craft brewing and our cooking. Over the years, our restaurants have become known for three things: awesome beer, great food and friendly staff.

Because our restaurants are connected to our breweries, each dining location features a selection of local craft beers that are freshly brewed on site. These small batch beers treat you to the phenomenal flavor you look for in your favorite brews. Our award-winning beers pair perfectly with our menus of delectable food, which is prepared from scratch at our restaurants every day. From our four flagship beer brands, seasonal offerings and dark beers, to our nationally renowned root beer, Steelhead Brewing Co. offers a consistently creative selection of food and drink for the whole family. We offer large party reservations in our private party room in Eugene, or in our billiards room in Burlingame. Visit us for lunch, dinner or happy hour today!